SCARPELLINI NAJ-OLEARI & PARTNERS is a law firm offering a full range of legal services and advice on all aspects of business law.  Founded in 2000 the  firm is based in Milan, one of the most important cities in  Europe and the world capital for fashion and design.
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Founded in 2000 the firm is based in Milan, the economic capital of Italy and one of the most important cities in Europe for business and trade.
We offer a full range of legal services and we advise on all aspects of business law. We assist leading Italian and international businesses, listed companies and financial institutions . Our corporate clients include companies in banking, insurance, fashion, design, media, entertainment, real estate, financial and food industries. Read more

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Press Release
  • We share our favorite legal and strategy updates from the web regarding to fashion, media and design industries. Read our Flipboard Magazine View my Flipboard Magazine.
  • How to protect trade secrets and know-how in the fashion industry,   "I segreti della moda", Diritto 24, 30 giugno 2014. To see our Press Release click here  
  • IL SOLE 24 ORE - DIRITTO 24:  'Among the most recent operations followed by the firm there is the opening in Italy of over sixty flagship stores of a German brand of footwear'. To see our Press Release click here      
    Diritto 24,
  •                 TV7GOLD interviews Marella Naj-Oleari about copyright and light art.
    Intervista a Naj-Oleari,
  • TOP LEGAL interviews Gino Scarpellini about our firm's strategies in China

    Press Release,
  • Il Giorno interviews Marella Naj-Oleari about Copyright and contemporary art Milan Conference.

     See  7Gold TV News about the Conference

    Il Giorno,
  • 'The number of Italian lawyers is out of all proportion to the market and opportunities for young lawyers are falling each year. The new business environment is a challenge’  says Marella Naj-Oleari to Legal Business
    Legal Business,
  • IL SOLE 24 ORE  interviews Marella Naj-Oleari on Apple's decision to remove the DRM from the songs of its on-line catalogue: "The central point is that we do not misunderstand this liberalization with a right to do anything because everything is permitted."
  • Rights on Intellectual Property, TopLegal

    Read TopLegal 

    Top Legal,
  • Lecturers on copyright at Brera Academy of Fine Arts. "These technical arguments must enter into student education: art students are often less informed about copyright but it is important that they learn early how to protect their creativity" Marella Naj-Oleari says to Il Giornale.

    Accademia Brera,
  • 'Copyright in the show business':  Read the interview with Marella Naj-Oleari published by Backstage.